Committee on Internal and External Audit

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Jenet Adem, Director of Finance and Administration

Dave Campbell Quality Award (DCQA)  

From the late 1970’s through his retirement in 2002, Dave Campbell was a driving force behind the Administrative Subcommittee for Internal and External Audit. Serving first as secretary and then as committee chair, he was instrumental in developing relationships with ACEC and USDOT OIG and having FHWA appoint a liaison to the committee. He worked towards his vision of a vibrant, relevant committee by encouraging all states to attend our annual conference and to participate in work groups and task forces. In addition, he was the champion for the initial Consultant Audit Guide.

The Dave Campbell Quality Award (DCQA) is presented by the AASHTO Committee on Internal and External Audit in recognition of significant contributions to the State DOT audit community. Recipients shall be members of the public sector transportation audit community and may be either an individual or a group.

Significant contributions may be based on either a specific project or an overall body of work encompassing multiple years or even an entire career. Examples of theses contributions are:

  1. A State DOT audit department that has implemented procedures that improve efficiencies, or effectiveness which is applicable to others in the community (Best Practices).
  2. Significant efforts in the development of a committee publication (Direct Service);
  3. Significant leadership contributions which demonstrate integrity, teamwork, excellence, and respect in furthering the goals of the AASHTO Subcommittee on Internal and External Audit.

The DCQA Subcommittee shall be chaired by the Committee on Internal and External Audit Secretary and consist of four members from the committee at large. Consideration should be given to regional representation when selecting subcommittee members.

The DCQA subcommittee shall accept and review award nominations annually and may elect to present the award to a nominee or may choose to make no award in any given year. Please note that the award criterion does not prohibit submitting a nominee for consideration that was previously submitted.

2019 Dave Campbell Quality Award Nomination Form

Below are the recent award recipients:

2018 DCQA Recipient – Darrin Player

2017 DCQA Recipient – Gerry Dobek

2016 DCQA Recipient – Tom Devine

2015 DCQA Recipient – Sandra Healy

2014 DCQA Recipient- Todd Jones

2013 DCQA Recipient – Roy Keen

2012 DCQA Recipients:    Forrest Cameron, Jana Cassidy, Mike Cram, Scot Gormley, David Bruce, Craig Herman, Jim Barton, Kent Leipold, Dan Purvine

2011 DCQA Recipient – Dave Bruce

2010 DCQA Recipient – Scot Gormley

2009 DCQA Recipient – Lamar McDavid

2008 DCQA Recipient – Cecil Bragg